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Mark Adams, who became a resident artist at Water Street Studios in 2016, specializes in sculpting and metalsmithing. He remarks that he's acquired a "meta(L)physical approach to his work," influenced by Alex Grey and the transhumanistic art movement.

Adams is "most comfortable taking a deep dive into the realm of the unknown," he says. His work, which explores the intersection of the conscious and unconscious realms, includes themes like man vs. nature, man vs. technology, evolution vs. stagnation, and darkness vs. light.
Shortly after becoming a resident artist, he moved to Batavia, feeling drawn its small-town feel and appreciation for history. "I believe that art can elevate communities," he says. "Throughout history artists have played a vital role in revitalizing communities and turning them into art destinations. It is very encouraging to have Water Street Studios located at the heart of Batavia because that energy radiates throughout the city."
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